Mettā Creative’s “MTTA” Token


MTTA token was developed to encourage participation in Mettā Creative events and enhance the party-goers’ experience while embracing the use of cryptocurrency, particularly in ways that align with the spirit of our sustainability and environmental endeavors.


MTTA is a cryptocurrency. More specifically, it is a type of cryptocurrency called a ‘Token’ built on the Ethereum Virtual Network (EVN), which is the most popular blockchain platform for smart contracts and DApps in the world, hosting thousands of unique tokens.  This blockchain is a public database that permits developers to build and deploy decentralized applications.

We developed Metta Creative’s MTTA is an ERC-20 token, to be used as a unit of exchange, similar to currency. The difference is that it only stored digitally, and therefore considered a digital asset.

  • You can earn MTTA at our experiences for participating in activities, completing “bounties”, and for other sustainable and collaborative actions that enhance the experiences of our events and inspire sustainability in a fun way.

  • Soon, we will begin accepting MTTA token at our events for tickets, merchandise, food and more.

  • In the future, MTTA will be exchangeable on cryptocurrency platforms.


The MTTA wallet will be able to store, send, receive, and exchange ETH and MTTA tokens. The development of our wallet is progressing quickly; currently we have a functioning Android wallet app undergoing testing.

  • Plans for an Apple iOS and web-based wallet are in progress as well.

  • Our goal is to have a commercial app ready for this year’s Beauty in the Backyard 2019.


Mettā Creative provides workshops and informational sessions on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technologies and how to use/apply them.

Recently, we developed a partnership with GBA (Government Blockchain Association), who also provides blockchain. The objective of the partnership with GBA is to spearhead a new event series called CryptoNites, that will take place after each of the panel discussions for “The Future of Money, Governance & The Law”.

Jointly, Mettā Creative and GBA are planning more blockchain events for the future, and will be able to provide more robust training and more in-depth and exciting games, experiences and applications that encourage the use of this new technology, especially focused around sustainability and collaboration.

One of the main reasons we like blockchain technology so much is for the possibilities to enhance sustainability. For example, we can run a trusted system that connects people and holds promises with just a couple solar panels.

Want to learn more? Read this Blockchain step-by-step guide for beginnings on Blockgeeks!

Note from the developer: tokens, cryptocurrency, and blockchain applications can be difficult to understand and use at first. Please be patient and know that you aren’t alone. Your participation and input is helping to drive blockchain technology adoption, which is much more sustainable to operate & creating a more secure and connected world.

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