How and why we measure our impact

While we are striving to measure our impact in units more meaningful than money, the funds our attendees raise go a long way for the organizations we partner with. So far we have been able to impact these wonderful organizations. 

Naeco, Brooklyn New York

Funds from this party will go towards making the mold for the plant based lid (it's actually around $5,000 plus costs of paying a designer to do the CAD drawing, so every little bit helps).  So, thank you for helping Naeco to bring our 100% compostable coffee lid to life!

Bread for the City, Washington DC

 At the event we collected 8 packs of tampons, 3 backpacks ,24 pairs of shoes,
5 packs of water bottles, 10 books, 50+ notes books + pencils + pens, 73 cans of food
20 other dry food items, 20+ deodorants, 32 toothbrushes +paste, 15+ shirts , pants ect.  


Reground, Melbourne Australia

Raised money for the organization to buy a new  van which will be dedicated to collecting the coffee grounds that eventually will be turned into compost.



Oceana, San Pedro, Belize

Raised money for protecting marine life and picked up 75lbs of trash from the beach. 



Casey Trees, Washington DC. 

Raised money and signed up 40 new volunteers to help with future tree plantings.