Steps to claim your Mettā Token “MTTA”


You can receive discounts on your tickets as well as purchases with vendors at Beauty in the Backyard 2018 when you pay in Bitcoin or Ethereum! Additionally we will be airdropping Metta tokens “MTTA” to the attendees of Beauty in the Backyard 2018. You can set up a digital crypto wallet prior to the event if this is something that sounds awesome to you!Huge shout out to our sponsor Elev8 who will be providing us with a Bitcoin ATM at Beauty in The Backyard! These kiosks make it easy to acquire or dispose of Bitcoin, making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic class!

Steps To Import Your Paper Wallet:

Metta Token Paper Wallet

Note from the developer: tokens, cryptocurrency, and blockchain applications can be difficult to understand and use at first. Please be patient and know that you aren’t alone. Your participation and input is helping to drive blockchain technology adoption and create a better decentralized, trustless world.

You can use any Ethereum wallet which supports custom tokens, however we’ve hand-picked the following wallets we know will provide the best experience. 

Android: Coinbase Wallet (note this is not the Coinbase app)

iOS: Enjin wallet