How many friends do you have? Real friends? How many Facebook friends do you have?

It’s getting harder to know the difference… Today, it seems we are all connected virtually, but disconnected personally… it is easy to get lost in the digital world, separating ourselves further and further from other people, ourselves and nature.

We know how essential having community is to good health, as well as the sense and feeling of belonging. So many of us are pained with anxiety, depression, insomnia etc., and it seems the trends are only becoming more common, looking around at all the latest news and statistics on mental health in this country.

If the psychological health of our society remains unstable, so will the environment in which we inhabit, the spaces we fill, the places we call home. Disconnection from nature and our environment is a byproduct of us being disconnected from ourselves. Only once we become aware of ourselves can we truly feel connected with and work in harmony with the very own nature that gives us life. Without nature, we would have nothing. Clean air, clean water and clean soil are essential to life on this planet.

Recognize that we understand these sorrows, troubles and darknesses exist, but we also know that dwelling in these ‘negative’ places and continuing to think about, exist in and meditate on these things will only bring about more darkness. However, as we continue to focus on all the amazing, wonderful and inspiring things in the world, we will find that more of those things come into our lives as well, just like the algorithms on social media feeds.


Whatever we give the more thought to will be more present in our lives. Answered Prayers, Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Synchronicity… these are all proof of the divine order that exists in our universe. Whether we want to ignore it or not, our galaxy is a perfect spiral, and everything is acting in perfect harmony with itself on a much larger, and paradoxically, much smaller scale as well. As above so below, as within, so without. This translates perfectly into our lives: as within ourselves, so will be outside in our communities, homes and environment.

Is it really true that no one cares about the depleting health of our planet, the only known place to house ourselves, our families our friends and loved ones? Surely, we are not heartless creatures. Deep down, everyone has a compassionate side, a heart that is open to even just one person, idea or thing at all.

However, the best way to get anyone to do anything is to make them actually want to do that thing. Animals (humans included) usually exert the least amount of energy as possible, and typically chose the easier or more satisfying path. But how can we make it enjoyable to be sustainable? How can we make it fun and easy to live a more conscious lifestyle?

With a great deal of love, consideration and intention, we create in-person experiences to connect and inspire a purpose-driven community to live more sustainably. Our events are designed to help people feel more comfortable being vulnerable around others, to allow for deeper connections. Through collaborative art, workshops, games and rewards, we are able to to create environments completely conducive to genuine conversation, dialogue and understanding, allowing for true friendships to be easily made.

We are reminded almost daily of the impact of these experiences on our community, and we are constantly inspired and re-inspired to continue creating these experiences. In a world with transforming technology, it is important to remember that NO technology will ever replace direct human contact and face-to-face interaction.

And THAT is why we will continue to create these experiences. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to getting better every day, to best provide for our community, and We will continue to listen to the questions, comments and concerns from you all, our friends and family about how we can improve as an organization.

We are truely grateful for everyone in our community, even if you have just come to your first event, and we are excited to continue providing spaces for you to connect with other people and get inspired to live a more sustainable lifestyle in a fun, engaging way.

#livemetta #partywithpurpose