Beauty in the Backyard 2019

Beauty in the Backyard 2019

Camp Ramblewood (map)

🌞🌱Beauty in the Backyard 2019 🌾🦋
Beauty in the Backyard is a transformational, 4-day experience featuring a community potluck, live music, collaborative arts, yoga, camping, workshops, team games and activities conducive to conversation on a beautiful 200 acre property in Darlington, Maryland. 🦎

The theme is Re-Connection: with each-other, ourselves and nature. Beauty in the Backyard is so much more than just a music festival. Come find out what makes the backyard so beautiful. For more info, please see the Beauty in the Backyard website here! 🌿

At Beauty in the Backyard you can explore your creativity, hear amazing music, connect with current and new friends, and learn to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Mettā Creative is here to build a mettā-driven community that shares our vision and seek to party with purpose. 🌍

See you in the backyard!