Earth Day House Party

Earth Day House Party had lots of wonderful attendees coming together to celebrate the Earth and our commitment to keeping it beautiful. Attendees participated in N64 competitions, worked on a collaborative art piece and even gifted each other seeds so they could go home and grow their own life.  Lastly, we tested the idea of gifting a free drink to every attendee that brought their own reusable water bottle to the party.   

From Sebastian

"So we had a raffle for a bottle of Grey Goose at last night's party 🎟🍾, and the winning ticket said "Win" on it 🤔. We tracked him down finally, and he told us it's short for Winner. We said, "Yeah, but what's your name?" He responded, "...That is my name. Winner Nguyen lol" ðŸ˜µ

...😂😂 just the kinda magic that manifests at Mettā Club 🔮✨. Shouts out to @livinglikewinner - come get your prize, it's waiting for you 🏆" 

Earth Day House Party Flyer