***Calling all creators, artists and purpose-driven millennials*** 

Next Saturday, Come find out what being a Mettā Maker is all about...

@ Grand Opening of the Mettā Creative HQ, you will...

x. Vibe with conscious homies, Discover fulfilling nightlife

x. Listen to live music, Meet other purpose-driven millenials

x. Learn about Earth-friendly companies, and job opportunities

************THIS EVENT IS FREE w/ RSVP!!************

(VIP $25) #VIP ticket includes "Mettā Maker" T-shirt, drink vouchers & exclusive access to the Metta Creative community

Please consider supporting Mettā Creative by making a recommended donation of $5 to support our mission to empower others to think and act more sustainably through social impact nightlife #partywithpurpose

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Mettā Makers Network - ALL ACCESS
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Metta Creative is a medium through which creative, conscious impact flows. 

Mettā Makers have an opportunity to communicate, showcase portfolios and work together on projects via the Mettā Creative platform , which is equipped with a fully-integrated networking system. Unlike LinkedIn, we use a matching system to connect the Mettā Makers with other individuals, organizations and job opportunities that they are interested in connecting with based on the information they provide. Metta Makers can stay up to date with experiences, meetings and charity events with smart-notifications tailored to their interests.