• Camp Ramblewood (map)
  • 2564 Silver Road
  • Darlington, MD, 21034
  • United States


Today, we're connected virtually, but disconnected interpersonally. It's tough to make meaningful connections with people, but it seems to only be getting worse...


That is why, each Mettā experience is designed to facilitate genuine human connections in natural, comfortable and aesthetic environments. We provide opportunities and direction for people to find purpose and fulfillment through intentional, creative outlets.

We are building a healthy community of mindful people and sustainable organizations through transformational music and arts experiences.

And this is the retreat we've all been waiting for. 3 days and 2 nights of reconnecting with each other and nature through music, arts, camping, delicious food, yoga, workshops, swimming, team games, a cryptocurrency scavenger and so much more.


We are still accepting applications for workshop leaders, artists, workshop leaders, yoga instructors, partners, vendors and volunteers:

---> mettacreative.world/contact

If you would like to participate in the street team, please send us a message!

Link: www.thebackyard.world
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 Beauty in the Backyard

Beauty in the Backyard