❗️Makers!! Two VERY amazing things are happening on March 1..

1. We are launching our first episode of the Makers' Podcast where we plan to interview our artists and community members to give people a platform to share ideas and inspire the world to live more sustainably, of course! 💚♻️💚( we will actually be doing a LIVE recording during the first hour or so of the event, YES!!)

2. We are welcoming in another Mettā House into our community, The Shrub 🌳 (& the Shrub Squad will be playing late night b2b2b on the downstairs speakers!! 🌳🔊🌳🔥🌳🎹🌳

- When:

Saturday February 3/1

4:00 PM to Sunrise 🌙🌈🌤

- What:

🎙 LIVE podcast recording: 1st episode of Maker’s Podcast ( early in the night )

🎸 Live Music ( Avocados Anonymous band with late night b2b2b with Shrub Squad

🎨 Live Art ( art supplies downstairs too! )

⚡️Flow Arts ( LED props inside only, 🔥FIRE outside only. Please bring any fuel donations if you can! )

🥑🥙🥑🌮🥑 Food ( Potluck! We will be eating at 7pm. Please bring a dish or $10 to contribute! Avocados are highly encouraged! Please label dishes and bring your own bowl & utensils 💚♻️💚 )

- Where:

The Shrub 🌳 ( 6041 Gwynn Oak Ave )

Park at the Gwynn Oak family park across street or on the house-side of the road.)

💚♻️💚 Please carpool or take public transportation, there is a bus stop very close to The Shrub.

See you there, Makers!

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