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  • New Zealand

Party with Purpose & Planting Project


Chris Lake, Same Name Confusion , Traficante, Mystic, Jono, Rhodry Yates, Ruby James


Sarah Page the Vegan Deli Diva - electable vegan deli products: cheeses, mayos, pates, and plant based meats and also run workshops in Aotearoa, NZ.

Greeneze New Zealand Made Natural Hemp Root Topical Balms

LU tatu and Artesanía

- L o v e • U n i t y ~ • Handpoked tattoos and artisanal creations • ~

Partners & Collaborators

The Exchange - A space for the creative industries, enterprises, individuals and groups to exchange ideas, encourage experimentation, production, showcasing and sharing of creative works. This Cultivates a Creative Ecology.

The Fermentist

We are The Fermentist, a micro-brewery in Christchurch. With beer as our roots and sustainability in our heart, we are just trying to look at things differently. Our mission is to bring people together over great beers and food, trying new things and discovering how we can make a difference in how we work. 

Decorations by Undergrowth Creations

A sustainable art and decor company, working with light and technology to bring fun and eye candy into your event. Using lighting and decor we design and build shade sails, stages, light sculptures and spaces particularly for festivals and parties.

Where possible we use recycled materials, we stay away from throwaway items such as single use cable ties and our decor is built for multiple use.

Based in New Zealand, we are looking to go global! Does your event need some pizazz, a splash of light and colour, a new look? Get in touch, let’s talk!

Sound and Speakers generously provided by Damon Wilson

Coffee Maker generously provided by Submininal Jimmy

One of our ow Mettā Makers Rhodry Yates speaks on NZ standing still, in unity with Muslim community

New Zealanders of all faiths, races and from all over the country, listened to the Muslim call to prayer today, and paused for silence as the country stood still - in unity with the Muslim community.

A Collaboration with Exchange Christchurch - XCHC & Rhodry Yates

- Much love,
Rhodry Yates and Dylan Nunn