• Washington DC

Join climate activists, skateboarders, and DC residents to pick up some trash, play while we volunteer, and have a festive celebration.

Welcome to the 1st Annual #Trashathon!

In the week leading up to the #Trashathon, please post pictures of littered places around DC in the comments section of this Facebook event page. This will help our team captains to organize the volunteers to be as impactful as possible.

Also, please comment and let the community know if you can host a pre-game prior to the cleaning that'll start at 1:00pm. Ideas for pre-games include, gathering neighbors at a local business (ie. coffee), community center, or your home. Those that organize a pre-game ... we’ll be calling you captains! The DC Wheels skateboarding team will connect with captains to ensure that they receive a few of the 500 industrial sized trash bags that Dave Stein of GeoWonks.com has obtained as a donation from Hefty.

Pre-games will end at 1:00pm and the cleaning will begin. It’s encouraged that you blast music, have fun, and pickup as much trash as possible.

At 5:00pm, we will all meet at Franklin Park for a party! Musicians are highly encouraged to bring their instruments for a jam!


The DC Wheels
Dustin For Mayor
George Washington University Students
Humanitarian Kazi Mannan Page
Mettā Creative
Spreadd Love Band.

This is a free event, and always more fun with friends! :)

FB EVENT HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/635697226852099/